The Zen of South Park
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Quran Read-A-Long

The Cow 232-235 Speaks of Child Support and Waiting After Divorce

The Cow 229- 231 Talks of Divorce Laws

The Cow 222-229 Talks about Family Planning, Oaths and Women’s Special Time

The Cow 217-221 Speaks of Charity

The Cow 211-216 Speaks of Familiar These and a Single Community

Quran Read-A-Long: The Cow 197-210 Speaks of Entropy and the Hajj

The Cow 189-196 Speaks of Fighting, Aggression and Oppression

The Cow 183-188 Speaks of Ramadan and Fasting

The Cow 177-182 Creates Two Ways of Keeping Wills Honest

We Learn about the first Halal Laws in the Cow 168-176

The Cow 164-167

153-163 Has a Line That’s Nearly Identical to Deuteronomy 6:4

The Cow 148-152 Reminds Us to Be Grateful

The Cow 142-147 Teaches About the Qiblah, the Direction of Prayer

The Cow 130-141 Speaks of Islam’s Relationship to Judaism, Christianity and Their Shared Prophetic History

The Cow 122-129 Introduces us to Abraham, Ishmael and the Ka'aba

The Cow 113-121 Discusses Jews, Christians, the Day of Judgment and More

The Cow 104-112 Provides Us With Some Familiar Things and Reminds Us that Everyone Can Have His Reward with God

The Cow 97-103 Is A Tough Nut to Crack

The Cow 87-97 Alludes to the Problem with Jewish Chosenness

The Cow 83-86

The Cow 72-82 Speaks of Presuming to Know God’s Will

The Cow 62-71 Discusses Who Gets Into Heaven and What They Need to Believe

Verses 60 and 61 of The Cow speak about the Israelites in the Desert

The Cow 47-59 Recounts Exodus and God’s Relationship with the Israelites

The Cow 40-46 Address the Jews and Their Scriptures

The Story of Adam and the Angels in The Cow 30-39

The Cow 21-29 Speaks of Allah’s Omniscience and Other Qualities

The Cow 8-20 Condemns the Deceiver - But By God, Not By Man

The Quran and Being True to Ourselves: The Cow 1-10

Quran: The Prologue


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